As you know, the “supreme leader” spoke out in support of the election results leaving many people dismayed, disappointed and disenchanted with the leader of their faith. We know from culture here, that you don’t have to be a devout follower of a faith to be let down by it’s leaders (take every Christian leader who has has fallen, for example, and the news reports that follow). Iran is a religious state. This is why I personally prefer a little room to breathe between “church” and “state” (please keep rocks in pockets). We know from history, from the Pharisees, from the first Israelites and from man other forms of legalism today, that laws alone don’t bring about transformation in culture or people. It’s the Spirit of God that is necessary for change. So again, another reason and open door to pray.

History tells us that major change in a society, culture or a nation sadly doesn’t often come about with out pain and even bloodshed. But we also know, is that there once was blood shed on a cross and in that moment the most intense war was won victoriously. The most intense war against injustice, opression and bondage has already been won.

It’s now our place to be an extention of those pierced hands and feet to continue to fight against the injustices, oppressions and bondages of this age through governments, societies and culture. I’m not an advocate for violence (except in pro-sports, it’s kind of fun to watch). There is a battle in Iran against flesh and blood but I can’t help but think there is a bigger picture to think and pray about here. There are future generation’s lives at stake, but more importantly, there is eternity at stake.

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