Prayer for Iran

Some have asked, so here are my thoughts:

Let the US intervene with what is going on in Iran by praying for those who are there and believe they are fighting for their future. It’s not so much about Mir Hussein (in the membrane) Musavi as much as it is about a hope for a future where people can have a say in what happens in their country, government and participation in the world community.

You can pray for the safety of those in Iran… reports have indicated that many have been beaten, several have been killed, some have been jailed. Most people really don’t want to see any kind of war and are tired of violence.

You can pray for righteous leadership to rise up and lead. People want to be inspired, they want to make a difference, they want to raise their families in a place of peace.

Pray for wisdom, pray for God’s will to be done, His goodness to prevail and His Kingdom to come.

It’s interesting for me to watch the news as we left Iran in 1979 and what I see on the news is vaguely similar to what I remember back then. Although it’s been so long since I’ve been there, of course I consider myself an Iranian-American and my heart breaks for how discouraged people must feel. It’s always seemed to me that many people have grown to be politically apathetic and in some ways, I am glad that people are rising up to fight for what they believe is right. But no one in their right mind wants violence or death. The other thing that strikes me is that most people in Iran are muslims or at the very least cultural muslims. Many of these muslims are people of peace and people of community and in this way… there is an open door that should again be considered in prayer.

Grace and peace.

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