Losing My Religion

Last Summer, I purchased The Artists Wayand endeavored to spend 12 weeks going through the course.  I made it through week 1.  If you are unfamiliar with Julia Cameron’s now famous book, it involves a series of exercises and practices to help release your “inner artist.”  The first week, she invites you to participate by beginning with “morning pages,” three pages of long hand, stream of consciousness writing.  In addition, once  a week, you are to go on an artist date.  The date must be solo and involves anything that feeds your inner artist.  It could be a movie, trip to the book store, coloring with a pack of crayons, a museum, swimming, etc.  I gave up after 2 weeks.  After all, when would I ever have time alone to do any of these things?

Thinking about this now for the past year as the book collects dust on my shelf, I’ve realized I’m a lot more religious than I thought.  When I’m given direction about something, it’s difficult for me to break free from following it to a tee.  It’s not as though if I missed a weekly artist date or skipped a few morning pages, Julia Cameron would show up and slap my hand.  But I’ve noticed this in my parenting, my relationships and have also struggled with it in my view of God. 

So, this year, I’m going to give it another try and hope that it will not only release the artist within, but will also unleash some of the strongholds in my life.  I’m in week one and did my pages today.  I may not get the artist date alone, but I probably will enjoy something creative with Steve during our time-out this weekend in L.A.   I’m okay with that.

If you’ve gone through the course, I’d love to hear any of your artist date experiences.

2 thoughts on “Losing My Religion

  1. It sounded like you were describing me. I am totally religious with things like that. I also would have quit if I was not able to follow exactly as you are supposed to. I love the idea of “losing my religion”.

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