I love Fall. I love the smell, the sound the colors the soups, the chilis, the breads, the sweat shirts, the boots, the anticipating of Christmas. And yes, I live in Los Angeles.  Despite popular belief… we do experience a little Fall love here too.

One thing about Fall I could do with out – Halloween.  I decided yesterday while strolling with the boys through the costume aisle at Target, this is one aspect of their childhood I don’t think I will miss in the future.  The outrageous cost of costumes, having to talk them into getting creative, wearing an old one or a borrowed one… the loading up on sugar, the parade at school (Sorry Taper peeps), the gross and scary costumes and decorations that other people wear (come on… what is festive about a pretend graveyard in your front yard?). 

But I love pumpkins.  I love carving them, decorating them, displaying them and eating pumpkin soup, pumpkin ravioli and baking pumpkin pie (notice I didn’t say I like eating pumpkin pie. 

So… all that to say… happy Fall… enjoy the change of season, the anticipation of things to come, the hope of new harvest and the joy of being with others.

What do you love about Fall?


2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. I love the colors: the browns, oranges and reds. I love the smells: the cinnamon pinecones, pumpkin spice lattes, and of fireplaces in houses next door. I love the wind and the cooler temps, especially. I love being cozy and pretending I live in an area where there actually IS a fall season. 🙂

  2. Harvest! It is like God pouring out his goodness right into my pantry. The grapes are being picked, it is the last of the dry farmed tomatoes and the apples are coming off the trees. Then there are the pumpkins, but so many squash as well. I see it as preparation for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday (partially my favorite because it signals advent 🙂

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