Diet Evolution

I’ve always considered myself a pretty healthy food consumer.  I grew up on fresh fruits and vegetables and had a mother who insisted on reading ingredient lists, searching for the dreaded “additives and preservatives.”   More recently however, I’ve been reading a lot on nutrition and food choices and how they affect your body.  Not looking to lose weight, but rather to keep it off, stay healthy, have more energy and be an overall better steward of this temple.

Diets, especially “fad” diets have never been a thing for me. Thankfully, weight isn’t really something I’ve struggled with in a big way.  But I did try the South Beach Diet once and made it to 11am before succumbing to a piece of toast I just had  to have.  But some trusted friends of mine have made some significant changes to the way they eat and saw equally significant results by trying Dr. Stephen Gundry’s Diet Evolution.  So, I borrowed the book, read through most of it and even tried it out a little bit to see if I could actually do it.  My problem is, if I can’t do something 100%, I choose not to do it at all.  This doesn’t bode well for someone who doesn’t claim discipline or will power as high character traits. 

What I think will help me through this journey is that Steve is doing it with me and he has way more will power and discipline than I do and also, Jeremy and Laura (who fell off the wagon recently) are joining us as well.  The first two weeks, known as “The Teardown Phase,” are the hardest… absolutely no “white,” “beige,” or “brown” foods.  That means no sugar of any kind (including fruits), no carbs (goodbye warm crusty bread, yummy pasta, tortillas) or milk.  So, as I sit here with my black cup of coffee (yuck) and plan out my meals for the week, we welcome your prayers.

Check back for updates to see how we’re doing.

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