Food on Friday: Orange Roughy, Artichokes, Salad and Asparagus

Day 5 of the DE is going really well.  Although on Day 2, Steve was not a happy camper and Day 3, I was ready to kill someone for a piece of crusty bread slathered with butter… I think our taste buds are being transformed.  I have actually been able to resist the power of flour for 5 days and I’m feeling pretty good.  The best part is the extra energy I can already feel, which is the main reason why I was looking to make some change.

Fridays seem to be the day that I really crave to make a delicious meal for the family, so I’m going to try joining the Food on Friday carnival.  Today is the first entry and the yumminess is baking up in the oven…

Baked Orange Roughy with lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic (375 for 20 minutes), artichoke with garlic olive oil dip, a nice green salad and roasted asparagus (drizzle asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper, throw it in the oven with the fish until it’s done how you like it.  Top with fresh parmesan and you are in business!).

How’s that for no carb Friday food!

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