The Slippery Slope

I fell of the wagon yesterday. The Dr. Gundry Diet Evolution wagon.

It started with the pumpkin muffins I baked with love for my discipleship group in the morning. It continued with the few french fries I stole from the boys while we were celebrating Jason’s good report from the parent-teacher conference at In-n-Out. It reached a crescendo with the pastries I devoured at our annual Women’s Christmas Event. And I took my final nose dive with some pasta when I got home.

Ah the slippery slope of decline. Deciding not to be religious about this new food plan (as opposed to a diet), I didn’t get to worked up about my fall. But I did have quite the wake up call today of what my body experiences from the sugar and carbs. Call me crazy but I could feel the difference in terms of feeling overly full and sluggish. But the worst part is, that after about 5 days of bring “Gundrified,” the cravings for sugar and carbs pretty much faded. One day down the slopes is all it took for them to come back to haunt me today.

All of this has been contributing to something I’ve been thinking lately and that is the discipline of fasting. I confess, fasting, is not something I have ever been very “good” about. And the times that I’ve tried – well, let’s not talk about it. But over the last two years, I’ve been feeling more compelled to practice this art of denying myself, if you will, that comes with its reward, according to Scripture.

Whether for a clearer understanding of God’s will for my life, for break through during spiritual road blocks, or for prayers surrendered…I’ve given it much thought, but little action. Don’t judge me for the potential of my disobedience.   There are people in my life who fast regularly before making a major decision, for a particular cause, for a people group, for revival, for the healing of a loved one… I heard a story recently of a friend who was locked into depression and when she begun fasting, she was immediately delivered from that dark cloud that was hovering over her.

But I am curious… Without asking you to be proud or boastful, why do you fast and how do you go about it?

One thought on “The Slippery Slope

  1. There have been seasons when I have fasted for periods of time, usually when faced with a major decision or needing a breakthrough of some sort. But someone challenged me to not fast for the purpose of “getting something from God”, and I realized that many times, that had been my motivation. She said that fasting for that reason is selfish and putting more emphasis on myself than God. I tend to agree with that. I don’t have it all figured out, but I do continue to fast when I feel God calling me to, which is usually when I need a breakthrough of some sort or need guidance.

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