On Lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  Lent is becoming one of the most meaningful times of the year for us.  I read today in this article that Lent means “spring” and marks the greening of one’s soul.  Beautiful, isn’t it? 

It’s a time to prepare for Easter.  Not just the death of Christ but the day He conquered that death.  Lately, it seems the phone calls bearing news of people getting sick, families breaking apart, people dying untimely deaths are endless.  These trials and tragedies tend to leave us with a lot of unanswerable questions.  But when we look to Jesus and the cross, what we can find is renewed hope.  That in death, there can be life.  In suffering, there can be hope.  In trials, strength is found.  In Jesus, grace is there.

Observing Lent for us is a concentrated time of thinking about Jesus. What He lived for, who He died for and what He still longs for.  Giving something up or giving stuff away is a practice that helps us tangibly see what we cannot see.  Though we can’t see Jesus, we can experience Him through one another.  We can experience Him by less of us, giving more space for Him.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to get creative with Lent either personally or as a family, I found this great website.  The writers at Modern Sacred Family, have quite a few great ideas for engaging kids in Lent activities.  In addition, we have enjoyed Henri Nouwen’s daily readings in Show Me the Way.  Each days reading is enough to get your mind and soul fixed on Jesus.  What He lived for, who He died for and what He longs for.

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