You are not the artist, You are the Canvas

In the last 4 days, I’ve sat under some amazing teaching via Catalyst West Coast and the Beth Moore Simulcast we hosted today.  You’d think I am on teaching overload, but that’s not the case.  I’ve feasted on truth, heard amazing stories and accounts of what God is doing through others and now I’m trying to re-read my notes and process it all:

From @scotmcknight:

What would a Christian look like if we really did what Jesus did?

1. Ignite people’s imaginations (Imagination excited by the Kingdom of God)

2. Yearn for justice (the Beatitudes are not Jesus’ fruit of the Spirit but a description of the people who are in the Kingdom)

3. Love others (Do you love God? Do you love others?  – Not just tolerate them)

4. Surrender our whole lives to Jesus (Death to self, life to the fullest)

5. Join Church (because when the Holy Spirit came, a community emerged)

From @michaelhyatt:

“Good leaders influence their audience and engage who is already listening.”

“A platform is NOT a pedestal”

“It’s not about elevating yourself, it is about extending good.”

From @andystanley:

“Reality causes your dreams to shrink.  All things are possible and we need not let the realities of today crush our dreams.  Because… there is a cross hanging over the emperor’s entrance in the coliseum.”

“We are stewards of the message of the resurrection.”

“Your fully exploited strengths are of greater value than your marginally improved weaknesses.”

“Do less to accomplish more.”

From @pastormark (Mark Driscoll)

“Be clear on what God does and what you are to do.”

“God empowers leaders”

“Grace is not only saving, but empowering through study, solitude and prayer.  Not just doing ministry, but being a Christian.”

“Ministry is putting on a little hard hat and going to work with Dad.”

“God’s grace enables you to be who He’s called you to be and do the things you can’t do.”

From Dallas Willard:

“Unless you understand that Jesus invites you to put your confidence in Him to live in the Kingdom now, discipleship and transformation do not exist.”

“The gospel isn’t about how to get to heaven when you die, it’s about how to get into Heaven before you die.  How to live with God now.”

“The Kingdom of God, is God in action.”

“Grace= God acting in your life to accomplish what you can’t do on your own.”

“Grace is not opposed to effort, it is opposed to earning.”

“Discipline= Do things within your power to enable you to do things you can’t do.”

From @LouieGiglio:

What kind of Church was the Acts 2 Church?

1. They taught the teachings of Christ

2. They were eye witnesses of the resurrection

3. They had the Holy Spirit

We have:

1. The teachings of Christ

2. We have seen the power of the resurrection in our lives

3. We have the Holy Spirit

From @donmilleris:

“Doctrine is the actual facts of the story by which we live.”

From @kaywarren:

James 1:7 is the litmus test for your followership.  Have the courage to ask God, “Do you want our family to adopt?”

“If the answer is no, we are still responsible to do something.”

Finally, from Beth Moore:

“You have nothing to gain from insecurity.  It will not improve your relationships, your circumstances, your calling… nothing.”

“Insecurity and humility are NOT the same thing.”

“Insecurity is a weakness… it is unbelief in the promises of God.”

From Ephesians 4:17-5:2:

A SECURE woman is one who:

is Saved from herself, Entitled to truth, is Clothed with intention, is Upended by grace, Rebounded by love and Exceptional in life.”

It begins with our minds, we must make up our minds to walk with the will He gave us to be secure and not be weak willed women.

“Perfectionism is insecurity in an art form.”

“We can keep letting the culture get to us, or we can let Christ overtake us.”

What about you?  What did you get out Catalyst West or So Long, Insecurity?

5 thoughts on “You are not the artist, You are the Canvas

  1. Suzie,
    Well done! Love your thoughts and the heart that shared them.
    What a feast the LORD prepares for those He Loves.
    Beloved Suzie,
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Suz,

    It was wonderful to share Catalyst West with you.
    Great notes for us all!

    I am also reminded of John Ortberg’s words,
    “Live in the power, presence, and friendship of God.”

    I appreciate all you do for His church.


  3. Catalyst was amazing; I’m still processing it and will have to write a long post about it. I’m sad I had to miss the Beth Moore Simulcast – did you guys tape it (or is that even allowed)? If so, please let me know. Sounds amazing.

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