I’m beginning to understand how the longing, groaning and waiting for the Messiah must have grown and grown during the historical time of the Old Testament.  For those of you following in the Timeless Relevance of God’s Word (King’s Harbor Church’s one-year Bible chronological reading plan), perhaps you can relate. Or maybe it’s just me.

Confession: In the past few weeks, I’ve been chasing the daily Old Testament readings with a little bit of the Gospels and Epistles to comfort my soul.  I find myself really looking forward to getting into the new.  The wars, the battles, the violence and the “angry” and “wrathful” God have left me at times feeling rather heavy.  Perhaps I am in the minority here. 

What about you?  Can you relate?

If I’m not careful, I see now that I will miss the point.

If we’re not careful, we might gloss over the hard or less exciting parts of the Bible and miss the story of Jesus woven through these historical, sacred and divine texts. We could lose the images displayed through these painful and violent times that humanity was and still is in need of a Savior.  We could forget how God has consistently shown us through trials and war, triumph and tragedy, long journeys and road blocks, His Sovereign hand over those He loves.  Or the truth of His kindness and mercy revealed through people walking in the difficult consequences of foresaking His commands.  It’s in these passages we read of men and women turning their hearts back towards God and where we see His matchless Grace for His people.

As I look forward to the coming of Jesus through my daily reading, I look forward with a new anticipation.  It’s starting to blend with the anticipation I have of His actual return to fully reclaim what is His.  The coming message of hope, healing and restoration that Jesus brings through the pages of the New Testament remind me that my King is soon coming. 

Come Lord Jesus, come.

I live within this message of hope.  You also live within this story of healing.  We live together within this story of restoration.

Where do you find yourself today?


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