Food on Fridays: Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar has become a delightful treat, particularly on the weekends when the coffee actually stays warm by the end of the cup.  I use vanilla sugar when making pancakes and other baked goods that call for an optional teaspoon of vanilla or any other time I may want a slight hint of vanilla flavoring.

My recipe is from the fabulous Barefoot Contessa.  You’ll need one vanilla bean.  Slice it down the center and scrape all the seeds out with a tiny knife.  Add the scrapings and the actual bean to a jar of sugar and close it air tight for two weeks.  After the two weeks, the sugar is infused with the vanilla and voila… you have vanilla sugar.


4 thoughts on “Food on Fridays: Vanilla Sugar

  1. I love vanilla sugar! It was always a staple ingredient in our home growing up. You can buy it here in packets at some specialty stores (Cost Plus and at Alpine Village), but I’ve never tried making it! It’s the coating on my parents Christmas almond cookies…mmm.

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  3. I have been making my own vanilla sugar for several years–my vanilla beans are long lived.
    I am surprised how few people know about making it and using it for baking.
    I think it will make a Christmas debut this year.
    2010 the Christmas of Vanilla Sugar!

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