ShareFest Workday is Here!

Today is the annual ShareFest workday.  Once a year thousands of volunteers from various organizations, churches and schools take ownership of their community and give their time and talents to heal and improve the neighborhoods around them.  Churches from all over the South Bay work together to build bridges with their communities, because after all, the original plan for the creation of Church was to bring hope, healing and joy to the world.

My favorite thing about ShareFest is seeing the looks on people’s faces when all the work is done and how much joy it brings to see their school, park, neighborhood, etc. cleaned up.  Or the tired and worn out volunteers talk about how much they loved serving their community and the relationships that are built along the way.  It’s only one day, but it’s a very important day in some people’s lives and it often leads to other opportunities for the community to come together.

Our elementary school, Taper Avenue, will be participating today so our family will be there for a while.  I’ll also be going to visit some of the other work sites to tell you all what is happening in ShareFest land today.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook by looking for the #SFworkday hash tag.

If you are still looking for a project, you can register here and see where you are needed.

What do you love about ShareFest?

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