Mother’s Day

Many people refer to Valentine’s Day as the Superbowl for women, but I have to argue that Mother’s Day is surpassing the day of hearts and chocolate.  If our little league is canceling games for the weekend, you know it’s a big deal.

I’ve been observing moms wish each other a happy day with that all-knowing smile that this may be the one day where all day you are appreciated for the things you do.  It seems that being a mom can often be a thankless job as there is no possible way even the most polite of children could thank you over and over again for the things you do.  And sometimes, we are just so tired that we can’t believe it doesn’t occur to anyone to say thank you!

I’m also reminded on Mother’s Day, this is painful day for many.  Quite a few of my girlfriends have been struggling with getting pregnant or staying pregnant.  A few are still waiting and hopeful for a husband that will get them pregnant.  My best friend is grieving the loss of her precious mom and although she rejoices with her own children, she grieves for who she no longer has.

A year ago, I was in Puerto Escondido, Mexico where I met Maricruz, a 15 year-old girl, without a mom, who stole my heart.  Let’s not forget the millions of children (and adults, mind you) who don’t have a mom to love on them.  My friend Joanie and her husband Barry spend a lot of time with young married couples.  She told me once the conclusion she’s come to is that everyone just wants a mom and a dad.  So true.

I confess, this has been what I call a “bad mom” week. You know the kind. The ones where your kids hardly listen to a thing you say, they dilly dally all morning to get to school  late, the homework doesn’t all get done nd you end up blowing your top because of the frustration.  But all it takes is one little smile, or a little hug or an “I love you Mommy” to remind you there is nothing you would trade for this.  Sometimes, I even wonder if I knew how hard it would be, would I have signed up in the first place?  I hope so.

It is said being a mom is a high calling. To raise up a child to become who he or she can best be and to shepherd them in a way that leads them to the fullness of knowing God and His plans for their lives is no small task.  One thing said by Hilary Clinton which I can fully stand behind is that it takes a village to raise a child.  I’m in awe of my friends who do this without a husband and pray God gives them strength and courage in the days ahead and  pray He continually brings villagers around them to help raise their children.

This mother’s day, I’m thankful for three boys who seem to still love me despite how much I’ve already messed them up. I’m thankful for my mom, my grandma, my mom-in-law and my mom friends who inspire me, the ones I can commiserate with, learn from, laugh with and cry to.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

What’s on your heart this Mother’s Day?

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I love Mother’s Day too, Suzy. I just love Moms and what they do. Since my kids are 10 years out of college this year my role of parenting is prayer warrior–they are friends, and my mothering comes when they ask for it. I know that they still are learning from my actions even though they are grown.
    I would not use Hillary’s village quote, her philosophy is socialistic at best and anti-family at worst. Certainly, it takes a Christian Community and a loving family to raise a godly child and I am eternally thankful to those believers who influenced my kids: from Hope to KHC and SBFA to name some communities.
    Allen reminded me this week that God knows we are imperfect and He allows us the priviledge of parenting in His Grace. Even Mary had her moments with a perfect son.
    All over the country kids are DONE with school by the beginning of May; so start the countdown to summer and encourage your boys to finish strong.

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