Recap: ShareFest Workday 2010

Photo courtesy of Lucas Simmons

The 7th Annual ShareFest Workday took place on Saturday, May 1st, 2010.  What a day it was with over 5000 volunteers and 335 projects going on at different sites around the South Bay.  Our family has served all seven years in different capacities, the last four being at our elementary school, Taper Avenue. I love having the opportunity to observe people I see often in a different light, using their gifts of service, creativity and innovation to give back and bless others. It also bring me great hope that the Church will indeed be what Jesus intended as the display of all His wisdom and love to this world in which we live.

This year, I joined the Social Media Team and was given the task of driving to a handful of work sites to take photos, Tweet and update Facebook while conducting on-site interviews with participants of ShareFest.  It was exciting to visit  various locations with different projects and groups of people from the community.  One thread of consistency at every site  was the smile on each person’s face.  Even the ones who were covered in dirt, paint and sweat from their hard work.

Each year, ShareFest volunteers give their time and talents to serve their community by improving the neighborhoods around them.  The projects for the 7th Annual Workday included many schools, school district offices, Just One’s Laundry Love, cleaning up the beach in Hermosa, and more.  The goal of ShareFest is to connect and engage various churches, schools, social, business and non-profit elements of the community together to bring health and healing through programs and services that meet the needs of children and families.  The workday is simply a catalyst for creating relationships that last and can be built upon.

If May 1st left a lasting impression and you would like to know of other opportunities to serve throughout the year, ShareFest wants to partner with you.  In addition to the workday, the organization hosts the Youth Development Academy, a four-week experience for at-risk and under-served middle and high school kids. The YDA takes place at California State University Dominguez Hills where ShareFest staff, volunteers and community partners teach kids how to take control of their lives and be the change in the world around them.

With our current economic and social conditions, the light at the end of the tunnel seems very dimly lit and extremely far away.  We are in a time and place where people and relationships will make the biggest impact in bringing hope and healing to our communities.  Each person can give a little and participate a little in contributing to what God wants to do in and through His Kingdom here on earth.  Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, rarely if ever, takes place without the people of God participating in the movement of God.

Did you participate in the ShareFest workday?  What was your day like?

You can donate to ShareFest by texting “SF” to 85944. When prompted reply “YES” to confirm your donation of $10.

You can also receive updates on ShareFest news through:


ShareFest Community Development, Inc is a charitable organization. Please visit for more information on how to participate.

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