Like Apples of Gold

I’ve been studying what the Bible says about our language and the use of our speech.  Our speech carries a lot of power and can be life-giving to others or crushing.

One of my favorite Scriptures is Proverbs 25:11:

“A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.”

The right word at the right time. The Proverbs direct us in all areas of wisdom but they have much to say about our speech patterns. Many of us can relate to the known “foot in mouth” situation. Or maybe it’s just me. The words that get thrown out there that you can’t take back. The words that replay like tapes in our own mind that often shape who we have become. The Proverbs instruct us to use our words and to use them wisely. Timing, good timing at least has never been my strength. If it’s in my head, it’s hard not to let it out. Therefore, I have been guilty many time over of not offering a word fitly spoken.

I long to be a better help mate to my husband, a better mom to my boys and a more effective leader.

That being said, in light of this Proverb, here are a few things to consider with a word to be fitly spoken:



Method of communication (text, email, hand written note, face to face)

Adapted to circumstances, in other words know your audience

Seasonably spoken

We should speak the truth and speak it in love, in such a way that it tastes good, is good for the recipient and brings about nourishment for the soul.

When was the last time some one had the right word at the right time for you?

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