Last Day of School!

The last day of school is here and I’m not sure who is more excited, the kids or I. No more dragging them out of bed to get them there on time, no more packed lunches and no more homework. Here is my list of what I’m looking forward to:

  • Sleeping in
  • Lazy days in pajamas
  • Long days at the beach
  • Dinners at the beach
  • Baseball camp
  • Camping in Yosemite
  • A Weekend in San Diego
  • A little road trip with just the 5 of us
  • 12 years of marriage
  • Judah’s Birthday
  • Steve’s Birthday
  • 4th of July at the Nugents
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Staying up late to watch movies
  • Nectarines and plums
  • Lots of yummy salads
  • Plenty of time to read
  • Staycation with Steve while the kids are away
  • New windows in the front of my house
  • A cleaned out garage
  • A planted vegetable garden for Fall

What are you looking forward to?

One thought on “Last Day of School!

  1. I always look forward to gardening. The thing I like most is seeing the older kids get creative in how to pick my fruit and berries without getting caught. I never yell at them or tell them not but, they still think they need to do this on the sly.
    It’s a kick in the pants. It reminds me of my youth.

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