Parenting through Culture

photo courtesy of stock.xchng

Jennifer Grant was the guest blogger on Her.Meneutics today discussing her viewing of Lady Gaga’s newest video with her 14-year-old son.  We are still a few years away from the daunting “teen years,” but I relish hearing how other parents are navigating their young through culture.

Grant posts some of the discussion points she and her son had as they paused through the video:

Are prisons really like this?

Do you find the video respectful of women? What does it communicate about same-sex relationships?

Is sexuality dirty? Does this make sexuality seem dirty?

Is Lady Gaga making a statement, actually showing how silly celebrity worship is, by acting out in such extreme ways?

What’s the message here? Is there one?

Do you know what nihilism means?

What’s clever or beautiful about this video?

What draws you in?

In what way can the words that we pray every week at church, the ones about respecting the dignity of every person and about seeing and serving Christ in them, relate here?

You can view the rest of the post here.

How do you navigate your kids through music, film, TV and other forms of art that are popular in our culture today?

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