Food on Friday – Food Inc

Last night Steve and I watched Food, Inc. which is a documentary on the nation’s food industry, lifting the veil on the atrocious policies and practices of the companies that make our food.

Throughout the film, you are taken behind the scenes to see where the items that we buy at local grocery stores are actually coming from. Everyday staples such as chicken, beef, eggs, and pantry items.

Now that we have this knowledge, we are trying to figure out how to move forward without over reacting, but still desiring to make changes. Not only changes that will affect our family, the way we eat and our health, but changes to society.  On this blog, I’ve written a bit about human trafficking and human injustice, but this film took it to another level for me. It’s not only the way our food (animals) are treated but those workers who are giving their lives to these industries in order that they may be gain enough to feed their families as well.

It’s easy to get fired up about something like this and then get lazy and go back to the way I’ve always done things. But I’ve bookmarked the website TakePart which I hope to read regularly to receive updates and information on the food industry, fair trade and better ways of eating. One thing that stuck to me is that we can make a difference and basically cast a vote for reform three times a day, simply by the way we choose to eat.

I highly recommend watching Food, Inc. However be warned because you will never look at meat, soybeans, corn, farmers or grocery stores the same.

Off to the Farmers Market.

How have you found ways to feed your family better with organic, locally grown and fair trade foods?

(You can join the Food on Friday carnival by posting your favorite recipe, restaurant, tip or anything else food related then going here to share it).

5 thoughts on “Food on Friday – Food Inc

  1. That film rocked my world too, along with the video on youtube “The Story of Stuff”. We buy all of our fruit and vegetables through a local CSA. I have actually met farmer Tom that grows my food. We also purchased a 1/4 cow from a local grassfed beef farmer. Three times a year I meet farmer Joe in the parking lot, he knows my name, I get several months worth of beef. This is expensive, so we only eat meat one meal a day, but we feel pretty good for it. Good for you for realizing how you can make a difference and being open to doing it.

  2. I’m so glad you are interested in thinking about this issue and even making changes as a result. I met an organic farmer and it was so exciting to talk with someone who is actually *doing* the work, growing the food, making it happen so that we have choices!

    I also go to the Farmer’s Market to buy local (some vendors sell organic products, but all are in-state).

    Other interesting books that are related:

    Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver.

    The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollen

    The Food Revolution (and Diet for a New America), both by John Robbins (of Baskin-Robbins fame–such an interesting personal story, but he offers great insight)

    Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser

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