Twelve Years Later

This past weekend, Steve and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary.

While we were out to dinner, we reflected on the best vacations, the best relationships, the best elements of our lives together. We also reflected on what’s been the most difficult and how God has surprised us most.

What it came down to were our people. Our friends. Our family. Our church. Our community.

When I wrote we were celebrating “12 years of bliss” on my Facebook status, someone asked, “Have all 12 been bliss?”  Well truthfully, it hasn’t.  Two of the twelve years were spent in therapy, both couples therapy and individual therapy for me. Yes, I’m the one with the issues. We’ve definitely had our fights, hours of not speaking and both of us are irritable and moody at times so yes, we annoy each other.

But… our people have held us together. Our people watched our kids when we went to counseling. Our people agreed to be named in our will to parent our kids should both of reach the other side of eternity earlier than anticipated. Our people have challenged, encouraged and exhorted us to become a better husband and wife. Our people have gone on vacation with us. Our people gave us what we thought were jobs that led to God revealing His purposes for us. Our people have made school and baseball fun. Our people have come over to fix things in our old house when we didn’t know how. Our people love our kids and reinforce what we are teaching them. Our people watch our kids so we can go out on dates twice a month. Our people press in and persevere when the relationships are difficult to teach us forgiveness and reconciliation.

This makes the twelve years collectively rich, stretching, challenging and meaningful.

We love our people. They make us who we are and being married is much easier with them involved.

Who are your people?

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