When God Doesn’t Seem to Answer

Habakkuk was a Prophet who not only brought the Word of God to the people, he also brought the word of the people to God.

Looking all around him, he sees despair, violence and lawlessness. He brings his complaints to God and asks God:

Will you not hear?” (i.e. God doesn’t seem to care)

“Why do you idly look at wrong?” (i.e. God isn’t doing much when He can do so much more)

“The Law is paralyzed and justice never goes forth. The wicked hem in the righteous.” (i.e. What God is doing and allowing doesn’t seem fair)

Habakkuk was a man who was in a crisis of faith. What He believed about God in his heart was not consistent with what he was seeing with His eyes. Many of us can relate to Habakkuk in a times of crisis, suffering and trials.

Life doesn’t seem fair.

God doesn’t seem fair.

But like Habakkuk, we can prayerfully engage in our doubts, we can purposefully read the Scriptures for the answers to our tough questions.

In being honest and bold with His doubting heart to the Holy One, God answered him.

But it wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

In fact, things were going to go from bad to worse before they got better and there was a good chance Habakkuk wouldn’t live to see his prayers answered.

Life was not going tie up neatly in a pretty bow. Things would get harder.

But the LORD is in his holy temple.

Habakkuk came from a place of doubting and questioning to place of faith where he knew that by faith, he could face the day of trouble. He knew that no matter how bad it got, because the LORD was in his holy temple, he could rejoice and take joy in the God of his salvation.

If you’d like to hear the complete message from Refuge at King’s Harbor Church, please click here.

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