Yesterday, I submitted and article/story idea to a magazine. This is an arena I’ve wanted to step into for quite some time and believe I’ve prepared myself for rejection adequately enough to actually take this first step.

Once I took the step, I realized something new.

I’m more afraid of what people will think of me than I am of my work being rejected.

I wrote about something controversial, leaving me more concerned about people’s perception of who I am and what I stand for rather than my skill as a writer. It would be comforting if the article was rejected, because then I could keep hiding. My thoughts, and my values will remain somewhat private.

I will be safe.

Rejection as comfort? This is something that has never occurred to me before. Hiding is comfortable. But hoping for rejection as a means to stay comfortable is a whole new level of pride for me. Yuck.

Can you relate?

5 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Suzie, although you have learned a lesson on my the most interesting in ways. I will say, if the reject you it would be their loss. I love hearing and reading what you write, but mostly Suzie’s revision of the Bible. You Rock Girl!

  2. Haha! I only laugh because there is yuckiness in me, too, which seems (to me) so much more yucky than that. THANK YOU, GOD, FOR YOUR GRACE!
    Only now that this has come to your attention can you “work on it”. When silver or gold is being refined, it is when the impurities come to the surface that they are able to be skimmed away, right??

  3. Um, YES. So much it almost pains me to read this, because I don’t really think I’d fully grasped that this is part of my ongoing fear about my book project.

    That being said… it makes me SO HAPPY to know that you are putting your writing out there. Good stewardship of a God-given gift, I say. 🙂

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