Do Something…But What?

Today’s message at church was intense. It started out with a word on discipleship from Dr. John Perkins who brings intensity without even trying. Then,Pastor Chris went on to preach Daniel 1.

The story of Daniel is about a man who resolved to stay obedient to God in the face of opposition.  He knew himself well enough to know that it would be the food offered to him that would cause him to succumb to the indoctrination that was taking place during the time of captivity. He could handle the literature, he could handle the new language and he didn’t mind if someone called him a different name. But the food would cause him to cozy up to the ways of the Chaldeans and turn his heart towards the things of the world and away from the God he served.

Chris spoke about taking a stand. Doing something is better than nothing. This came straight from the heart as he just returned from Israel and Royal Family Kids Camp walking through history and with people who are suffering and have suffered and the hand of the world’s systems. Following Christ and teaching others to follow Christ does not happen without taking a stand for those in captivity. It does not come without a cost for freedom. Do something, is better than doing nothing at all.(Luke 4)

I often wonder what it is God would have me do.

There are so many things to take a stand against.

Murdering innocent babies

The poor

The homeless

Human trafficking


Abused and abandoned children at risk

Mistreated and marginalized elderly

Mistreatment of the handicapped

The list goes on an on. Each person has to ask God, “Where should I serve?” “Where should I stand?”

My heart is broken for those who have become victims of human trafficking. As I learn more about it, the more outraged I’ve become. But not outraged enough. I’m not sure what “doing something” actually looks like. I’ve been told it’s not a good idea to walk into a massage parlor to ask questions because that could compromise the work of law enforcement who are attempting to do something. I could give money to an organization, but that’s not the kind of “something” I think I should do. I could start frequenting strip clubs and massage parlors in an attempt to build friendships with the girls but that isn’t conducive with my “mom schedule.” So what to do?

I want to talk about it more, but I don’t want to just talk about it. I want to write about it more, but I don’t want to just write about it. I want to help create awareness, but what good is knowledge without action?

When I watch videos like this, I struggle because I want to do something.

But what?

(Warning… this is very raw, but very real and powerful)

3 thoughts on “Do Something…But What?

  1. Prayer Walk . . . intercession . . . battling in the spiritual realm and then see what God does!!! The beginning and the end . . .

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