The Best Things About Today

  1. Having time to read, study and write morning pages.
  2. Watching Silas body board for the first time.
  3. Burying Austen, Jane and Judah in the sand. Again. And again.
  4. The fact that my new umbrella didn’t stab anyone when it flew away on the beach.
  5. Talking over important matters with Kathryn.
  6. Knowing Kathryn does not judge me.
  7. Kelly joining us on her lunch break.
  8. Yogurtland.
  9. Randomly happening upon my pastor/boss/friend practicing what he preaches with a petitioner outside Trader Joes.
  10. Steve being there when we got home.
  11. Artichokes with lemony, garlicky butter dip for dinner.
  12. Three boys who fell asleep quickly from the “good kind of tired.”

One thought on “The Best Things About Today

  1. “Dream Center” really touched me, but “Best Things”made me cry. I’m glad you can take a summer day and record it, save it for the future. It is a blessed reminder to be thankful for the rich life God has given us.
    Keep writing dear sister. In this list you gave me a beautiful picture of your day by telling me what you did. All the rest was developed by my imagination.
    Your joy for life will be a light to the world. Matt 5:14,16. LLW PS who is Sakineh

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