Oh, Eve

This is part 2 in a blogging series on Gender for the Idea Camp.
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Dustin L. Boutwell, http://www.westendgallery.net

Enter Genesis Chapter 3. The Fall of Man and the hinge on which many arguments surround gender issues hang on.

It goes something like this: Satan tempted Eve with the same thing he tempts us with today.


More of what doesn’t belong to us. More knowledge. More power. More credibility. More fame. She forgets what she’s been taught, she forgets the very Word of God and succumbs to his scheme. She is deceived. Not only does Eve fall, she brings her husband down with her and yet he should have been the very person to protect her, hold her accountable and remind her who she is and who God is.

Because of this great fall, chaos, confusion, difficulty, pain and enmity have plagued relationships, society and the world.

“Naked and unashamed” became “covered up and full of shame”

Yet God is faithful. He never has and never will allow anyone or anything thwart His plans for humanity.  It doesn’t come easily. God replaces their garments of fig leaves with a garment of sacrifice. A foreshadowing of what is to come in Jesus. He gives them a new calling, a new direction and sends them out of the garden to work, struggle and survive. But not without a promise of His faithfulness. Not without the promise of His sovereignty. Not without the promise of a future redemption.


Because of Jesus, we have been redeemed. Although due to present day context, we aren’t going to walk around naked, we can be unashamed. We can take hold of our uniqueness and be the woman God intended us to be.

The word redeemed by definition is “cleared by payment” or “to obtain the release or restoration of, as from captivity, by paying a ransom” or in theological terms, “to deliver from sin and its consequences by means of a sacrifice offered for the sinner.”

Because of Jesus, we have been cleared from the curse bestowed on Eve.

We have been released from the captivity of sin caused by the fall.

We have been restored to be the women who God intended us to be.

We have been delivered.

Today, many women struggle to walk in redemption and not in the fall. Though the effects of the fall are very real and still exist, we walk with our heads low as though we have a scarlet letter on our foreheads. We need to remember that Genesis begins in chapter one and not chapter three and yet we are still often confused.

What does it look like to you to walk in redemption?

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