God in the Details

My first son made his debut into the world about three and a half weeks early. As such, we were off to a slow and frustrating start with a few things… in particular nursing. Having read all the books, taken the classes and bought all the gadgets, I was certain I would be the La Leche poster child and have no problem with what was apparently so natural.

I was wrong.

Although it ended up well, feeding my baby was difficult. He lost weight. At one point, our pediatrician insisted it was time to supplement with formula. I felt like a failure.

It was in those moments where God taught me to pray in specifics. Maybe because I felt desperate, or maybe it was my raging hormones. Never the less, I decided to simplify and rather than pray for God to intervene in all the wide and deep desires in my heart, I began to submit the details to Him. I got specific with what was troubling me and praised Him for the particulars I saw Him answer. I asked Him to help me feed my child in that hour. I thanked him for two hours of sleep. I worshiped Him while rocking my son,

“O Lord, You’re beautiful, Your face is all I seek, for when Your eyes are on this child, Your grace abounds to me.”*

Since then, I’ve gotten very specific with my prayers and have tried to encourage others to do so as well. After all, a God that has the very hairs on your head numbered is a God who is interested in the details. As much as we know in our heads it isn’t true, we tend to think God is busy with bigger fish to fry. When I give Him the specifics, I can lift my eyes up to Heaven and away from myself.  I am more grounded. Less anxious and more focused. I can handle a situation, step by step and not get hung up on the details because I’ve given them over to Him. I can live better in the moment, trusting Him for what is to come.

What specifically do you need to trust God with?

*Keith Green, “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful”

2 thoughts on “God in the Details

  1. Something I so need to hear again and again, I get so stumped with prayer, paralyzed by the idea that all my “needs, desires, complaints” are very small and mean!


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