One Child

Steve’s parents asked to keep the kids in Arizona a few extra days with the promise to return them on Sunday. All but Silas decided to stay, so we have had the special occasion of spending a few days with this one child.

I grew up an only child which is why I wanted to over compensate for what I missed out on by having three. But with three, the challenge is spending quality time with each child to carefully study his or her personality and the unique way in which they have been created. Silas is the middle child so he often gets lost in the shuffle of chaos.

Yesterday was our first day home, so I declared it to be “Yes Day.” This is a day coined by my pastor/boss/friend, in which you endeavor to yes to as many requests as possible, within reason, of course. Silas and I had a great day playing Wii, meeting Steve for lunch, going back-to-school shopping, renting a movie from the library and eating his favorite dinner. The best part of yesterday was having the opportunity to study and appreciate what makes him different from our other two boys:

His need for hugs and closeness throughout the day

His imagination and ability to create stories

His particular taste in what he wears (especially shoes)

His appreciation for down time

The need to encourage him to not live on Frosted Flakes alone

How he loves to be with us

Having three kids has taught me how God gives unlimited love to us for others. I love each of my boys immeasurably. They are each my favorite for different reasons. I have found when my kids are with me and apart from their siblings, they are different. Perhaps more free to be themselves. Or maybe I’m just different and take notice of things more clearly.

Today, he gets to have a friend over with the house all to himself. I can’t wait to see what I learn about him today.

What about you? What have you found about your kids when you get them all alone?

2 thoughts on “One Child

  1. We miss Silas here in AZ, but know he is having fun with you and Stephen. Thanks for leaving Jason and Scooter here. Jason and Ava had a great time at D-Backs vs Rockies with fireworks.

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