This morning I woke up and thought about all the people I know who wanted nothing to do with Church today. I had a moment of mourning for them. Not only because I believe they are missing out on really good worship that can literally bring you to your knees. Or that they would not get to hear the true, inspiring, encouraging and restoring Word of God preached. But mostly because many people I know have been broken. Not in the constructive sense of the word, but in the painful, wounded way the word is used. Broken by churches and the people in them. What if those people were able to take their minds off the church and shift it back to the Gospel. What if they already have? Shouldn’t that changes some things?

You see, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to rebuild that which has been broken.

Because of this, I believe in the Church and its original mission to bring hope and joy to a lost and dying world. It makes me sad when people choose to abandon the Church or when the Church seems to abandon its people. The Church, whom Jesus died for is meant to be the collection of people who love Him and serve Him by serving others. If we could go back to the blue print for Church, we would find the apostles who began building it.

Through them we see how the Gospel has the power to change lives. Through them we see that the Gospel has the power to rebuild.

Rebuild God’s relationship with man.

Rebuild broken hearts.

Rebuild lives that are in ruins.

What do you need God to rebuild?

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