Camp Notes


A word that was used in every session I attended at day 1 of the Idea Camp.

The unusual thing about The Idea Camp is, rather that filling the schedule with well-known key-note speakers, there are workshops and sessions with people who have experience, maybe some expertise and a story. They are people who have walked through the fires of sexual abuse, failed marriages, adultery, exploitation, prostitution, pornography and addiction. The workshops are interactive and every one in attendance is invited to contribute. Everyone has a story.

Let’s just say, it was really heavy.

The word safety was used when talking about the marriage bed. Guarding it. Contending for it. Making it the the place of holiness it was designed to be. It was also mentioned as the necessity to healing from abuse. It was brought to the forefront of the restoration process from sin and it is required for intimacy.

If you want to have a rockin’ sex life with your spouse, you need to feel safe with him or her. Talking about things is not always easy, but if you feel safe you can have these conversations.

Victims of abuse have lost their sense of safety. They feel abandoned, isolated and unworthy. Unless they find a person or a place of safety, they are not able to open the Pandora’s Box of hurt, loss and shame they may be pressing down.

Those that find themselves lost in affairs need to experience the safety that comes with grace in order to be restored after repenting from their sin.

Last night, Nicole Wick shared that true healing happens in community. Referencing Luke 5 where we find a paralytic who can’t come to Jesus on his own. His friends know the only way he can be healed is by Jesus. So when they can’t get through the crowds, they climb up on the roof, carrying their friend on a stretcher and they lower him down, right in front of Jesus.

My mom is paralyzed and I know if I were to grab a few friends, put her on a stretcher and climb up on a roof top only to lower her down in the middle of a crowd, she would be completely freaked out to the point of not willing to go through with it. She would not feel safe. She would feel vulnerable and more out of control than she already feels. We don’t read anything indicating this man was reluctant, fearful or hesitant. He must have known he was in good hands. He was willing to take the risks associated with putting his life and his care in the hands of these friends.

If you find yourself lost in the pain of abuse or in debilitating damage of your sin, do you have a trust worthy friend who you feel safe with? One who will take you to Jesus when you don’t think you can get there?

How are we doing with cultivating shelter for those who are in need of it?

What will it take for you to feel safe enough to talk to your spouse about what

your needs are to get to place of greater intimacy?

In any case, it’s worth the battle. Let’s do this.

You can follow the idea camp’s live stream by clicking here.

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