Getting three kids ready and out the door to school is no easy task. Maybe if I were more like Victory, I would have all the clothes for the week laid out on Sunday and the lunches made the night before. Or if I were more like Marcy or Julia, I wouldn’t have this issue because I would be so creative, patient and whimsical that I would educate my children at home. Perhaps if I were more like Brenda, I would understand the mind and inner workings of a child so much that my words would be compelling and inspiring at all times. If I were more like Kathryn, none of this would even bother me as I would constantly display the perfect measure of patience and love rather than scream my head off and wonder who’s idea it was for me to have kids in the first place.  But I’m not that kind of mom. And really, as wonderful as my friends are, I know they have their struggles too. I just wanted you to meet them.

Today, was difficult because one son had trouble getting his homework done on time. He waited and waited, making every excuse not to get it done.  He had lost his focus. At the last-minute as he was scrambling to complete it, he grew  increasingly angry and frustrated because the assignment was not turning out the way he had hoped.  What followed was a full-blown fit of emotions and there was nothing I could do or say to calm him down.

He couldn’t hear me.

How often is it that I don’t do what I know I’m supposed to do. I lose focus. I mess around. Then I get angry.  My emotions well up so much that I can’t hear the Spirit of God directing me. There is always a solution, always a lesson, God doesn’t waste anything. Yet sometimes, I am so caught up in how things are effecting me, my emotions rise up above the truth that wants to renew my mind.

When the volume is so loud in my heart, I can’t hear the whisper to my soul.

How I wish I could follow my own advice to take my time to quiet down so clarity can win the day. Clarity that comes from truth and the knowledge that I am safely loved. My Father knows what is best for me, but it is up to me to listen.

Are you finding it difficult to hear? How do you turn down the volume?

4 thoughts on “Volume

  1. How do I turn down the volume? I assign a time-out… to myself. Which generally means, since the kids are all here with me all day, that I lock myself in the bathroom, get down on my knees and pray. Not a high-falutin’ liturgical prayer; one more along the lines of “Dear Lord please prevent me from strangling my offspring today…” And then I dive back into the fray, safe in the knowledge that if I really have to, I can always escape back to that room and pray again. Even if it’s only been 3 minutes since I emerged.

    It has the added benefit of providing a daily reminder to keep the bathroom floor clean.

  2. Suzie, you are so Super-Deluxe!

    To quiet my soul, I draw a bath. When clean (semi-clean will do) and locked, our bathroom is a holy sanctuary. Besides, God’s voice is somehow more clear when there’s steam involved.

    If it gets really bad, I’ve discovered personal retreats. Priceline is my new BFF. $50 and 24 hours alone or with a good friend and I’m a new woman!

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