Thus Far

Today at a friend’s baby shower, the guests were invited to speak words of wisdom and encouragement to the mother-to-be. Since I’ve only been a mom for 9 years, I don’t feel qualified to give parenting advice, but I can share what I’ve learned thus far:

  1. Always put your husband first. Tend to your marriage and put in the work required to make it good. Teach your kids how to love and respect others through the daily example of your relationship with your husband.
  2. Let Dad care for the baby in the way he knows how. It may not be the same way you do things, but it’s his way and it’s special to him and the baby.
  3. You don’t really need all that stuff.
  4. If the baby doesn’t sleep when you want him/her to, keep in mind they will eventually fall asleep and will not stay awake forever. And babies don’t usually starve themselves either.
  5. Try not to make any huge decisions when you are over-tired and hormonal.
  6. Take time for God and you… time to refuel your soul and remember who you are. It’s so worth it.
  7. The most important things a child needs are love and a safe place to grow.
  8. Having a like-minded community is priceless.
  9. Pray in the specifics (i.e. successful nursing, restful naps, losing your baby weight, teachers, friendships, who they will marry, knowing their Savior, grasping learning, loving to worship).
  10. The bathroom is your sanctuary.
  11. You learn a lot about your kids in the car.
  12. It really does go by fast.


What have you learned thus far?


One thought on “Thus Far

  1. To add to this…

    1.Your children have almost as much to teach you as you have to teach them.

    2. Saying sorry is one of the best things to say to your kids. Sometimes it is even years later.:)

    3. Write down the funny things they say. You think you will remember, but every day is so full. A calendar on the wall is a good way to do this.

    4.Give them a book every year for Christmas, and write to them in the front page about how much you love them, are proud of them, and what the last year has held. Take them to the library often, even as a toddler.

    5. Make traditions, and do them every year they are loved; for holidays, vacations, family sayings, family foods.

    6. It does go fast, but each seaon is so special, especially being a Grandmother!!

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