Preparing for Church

This morning if you are going to church, remember these things…

There are people who will struggle to get there. There are others who will be there first because it’s the only place they feel any hope. There are people who will hate being there. For some it is the one day of the week they look forward to. For some it is exactly what they need. There are others who will come for the first time and no one will greet them. There are some who will come for the first time and be received in a way they never have before. Some people will hear the Gospel for the first time. Some people have heard it a zillion times in their life time but today will be the day when they actually realize Jesus loves them. Some preachers will deliver their message with no problem and nothing stopping them. Some will struggle through their message and yet still deliver truth upon truth. Some ministers will hurt their flock while others will bring healing. There are people who will worship with abandon and others who will be reluctant. Some will repent of the things that hold them back and others will continue to hide. There are people who are covered with shame because of their past and there will be some who will finally be set free from it. Some will feel like they belong and some will feel excluded. There are people who will be convicted by the Spirit of God and make some serious changes in their lives. Others will feel condemned and will go home racked with guilt. Some will understand everything that goes on around them and others will feel like foreigners in a strange land.

Which will you be a part of?

The church is people, not a place. It was meant to be hope, not despair. It is the vehicle for truth, not the melting pot for lies. It should be a place of healing, not damage.  We do Church because she is the apple of the eye of our Savior. We gather together to equip one another to be the Church Monday through Saturday. We join together to celebrate and bring honor to a God has chosen to dwell among us. Because there are 364 other days in the year that we realize

He. Is. Risen.

May our ears be open to listen to the Spirit of God and become more aware of His presence and direction for us today.

Lord Jesus, open the eyes of my heart today so I may see others as you see them. Show me the darkness in my heart that prevents me from worship you completely and allow me to enter into your presence whole heartedly. Give me wisdom for every conversation, every interaction that I may be part of this body that is an extension of your love and grace. Amen.

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