Everyone has a story.

The woman in your neighborhood who rarely comes outside. The mom on your kid’s team who is super annoying. The dad who can’t stop yelling at his kid. The person who is seems to thrive under drama more than when things are peaceful. The person who flipped you off in a rage because you weren’t driving fast enough. The couple who seem to have it all together with the perfect romance. The kids who never seem to dishonor their parents. The pastor whom you look up to. Your child’s friend who you don’t think yours should be around. The neighbors who you find difficult to love.

What if we looked beyond the circumstances to find the story? How many times have I passed it by? Fixated on what irritates me… missing the point.

What if someone overlooked your story? What if they only saw the wake of the undercurrents and missed out on your depth? Your experience? The wisdom you have gained.

What if Abigail overlooked David’s story? What if she just saw an impatient, arrogant and controlling soon-to-be king and disregarded the promise, the slaying of a giant, and what he had already been through with Saul?

What if people just saw the wake of a baby in an unwed mother, Mary? What if they didn’t listen to her story and hear about the miracle?

What if no one listened to Mary Magdalene tell about the demons who used to run her life and how Jesus came and delivered her from all of that? Would anyone have listened to her tell of the risen Christ?

Today, as I go the airport and fight the traffic of masses of people in a hurry, cutting me off, wanting to be first in line and losing patience with my rowdy kids, I will try to remember that every one has a story. I will look at our chaos and remember, this is part of my story. This is part of the story for each of my boys.

Tomorrow when I go back to my people, I will try to listen for the story behind the story and remember that God has not finished writing theirs. And He has not finished writing mine.

What is your story?

2 thoughts on “Story

  1. Hey Suzie,
    Look, I found your blog on my own!
    This “Story” post really stood out to me. I like the way you draw the reader into each person’s story. And into yours. Way to go!
    Love, Kim

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