For the High School WOMEN

The following is what I shared the young women in our High School group tonight summarizing what I tried to teach them in a very brief but delightful three weeks:

Last week was hard for me because I felt pressured to sum up in one night what it means for you to be a woman of God by way of a definition. I ended up deviating away from what God has been writing on my heart for years. I have always hated any thing, any book, any Bible study, any idea that tells you that you need to be a certain way. To fit into a mold or a cookie cutter. To be like “that” woman over there, or “this” one here.

The truth is, God made you to be you and only you can be you.

God will take each of you on a journey that will be a different path than the person sitting next to you. If you begin to compare yours to hers, it will be far too tempting to fall into sin. Your journey will be full of triumph, trials, joy, suffering, heart ache, loss, indescribable love, great friendships, successes and failures. All of these things are and will continue to shape you into the woman God is making you to be.

What will make you a woman of God is for you to surrender all of it {again and again} and be willing to live as someone learning to follow Him. Pursue Christ as if He were your husband, as though you would want to know everything about Him. What would He think? How would He want you to be?  How would He treat the people in your life?  Desire what He thinks is best for your life now and for your future.

Don’t be consumed by the ever-tempting things this world that will offer you cheap gratification and significance. The short-term thrills of partying, the deceptive impression of love through sex outside of the bonds of marriage, the wasting away of time when none of us really knows how long we have on this earth.

Think critically about what type of man you want to married to and what kind of marriage you want to have and then pray that God would prepare you to be the woman who can walk into that. If you are hung up on this word submission, then let that fuel your prayers for a husband who will be a humble, gracious, gentle, and loving leader whom you will want to come alongside and trust to lead your family.

And until he comes along, pray that God will make every day useful, starting with today.

Don’t dwell on the question, “What is God’s will for my life.” Instead, ask God to fill you with His Spirit so you can walk in the steps He has laid out for you today.

Being a woman of God does not depend upon being older, being married or being a mother.

It is immeasurably due to your devotion to Jesus. Will you follow Him and make Him your LORD? Will you ever-so-imperfectly and only by the grace of our LORD Jesus and the Spirit that resides in you endeavor to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength? Will you allow Him to be the lifter of your head and walk as His beloved and not let anyone take that away from you?

Dress as someone who Jesus loves and died for. Walk in the manner worthy of your calling to enter His Kingdom. Carry yourself as someone who is part of His royal court.

When faced with the question of “How far should I let this go,” consider the loving view of your Father in Heaven and what hopes and vision He has for you to enjoy the wonderful, mysterious, satisfying, sacredness of the marriage bed.

Have respect for yourself that Christ loves you so much He was willing to die so you could live. He died for you not just so you could go to Heaven when you die but also that you would have life to the fullest now… that you might have life abundantly now.

A real woman is one who recognizes without Christ she is nothing. She is empty and void of all this. And yet because of Christ and His invitation for you to join Him and His desire for you to belong to Him, to pursue Him and His priorities to contribute to the advancing of His Kingdom by loving, nurturing, helping, leading and bringing along those He puts in her path. Whether they are her own children, younger believers, the body of Christ, her own generation and the ones that follow her

She. Is. After. His. Purposes.

When you find it difficult to love God, remember that He loved you first. Remember all Jesus has done for you, the great sacrifice He made on Calvary, His willingness to go there because of His great love for you.  If you think on this and meditate on His word and allow Him to fulfill His desire to convince you of His love… your love for Him will increase and out of that love will come your obedience, your willing heart to do His will, to hate sin and love what He loves and gravitate towards the things He wants for you.

Go forth in Peace for Peace is with you.

9 thoughts on “For the High School WOMEN

  1. Thanks again for sharing with the high school women the last three weeks! It has been amazing and dont want it to end!!!! Please come again. LOVE you!

  2. Suzie Lind, you amaze and bless me! I have loved your blogs and think you are a gifted teacher. Of all that you have shared over the years, this may be the one that has blessed me the most. Enduring, biblical truth that needs to be heard by high school women and 55 year old grandmothers. I am very grateful for the love of Jesus expressed through you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I’m 30 and still single. I wish more people in the church would respond as you have here and I pray that the girls who heard you speak will let these truths take root in their hearts.

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