Expecting the Unexpected

Life is funny.

God is amazing.

If I look back on how life has played out, it’s not at all what I would have planned or what I thought I wanted, but it’s sure turned out better than what I had in mind. Not that it hasn’t been difficult at times or there aren’t any regrets, but this God we serve has a way of redeeming things and bringing about His way, no matter what.

13 years ago today, I flew up to San Francisco with my friend Caroline to visit our boyfriends for New Years Eve. I was seriously thinking about breaking up with mine because it had been 3 years, one and a half of which he was living 400 miles away. I did not think he would ever want to get married and I didn’t want to waste my youth on someone who didn’t want to commit. My New Years resolutions were to become even more independent. I was going to get an apartment by myself and completely throw myself into my career as a television publicist.

But that night, after he picked me up from the airport, we took an unexpected turn to Hawk Hill Park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. He took a star-shaped box out of his back pack and handed it to me. When I opened it and saw the ring, I asked him what it was for {a girl has to be sure}. When he said he wanted me to be his wife, I responded, “No way!” It wasn’t a no– no way… but rather a no way this is exactly what I want and I can’t believe it’s happening kind of “no way.”

It’s two days before a new year and a time to look forward and re-evaluate the past.  I feel my growing waist line and am reminded that again, we are expecting the unexpected. A fourth child that was not in our plans, but certainly in God’s.  So in July, our family will look nothing like what I had in mind, but I can already tell it will be way better than what I would have planned.

At this point in the year, you may be focused on finishing 2010 strong and starting 2011 right. A clean slate, another chance to do things better. It’s a good practice to reflect, evaluate and set goals. In doing so, let’s keep in mind that we may plan our course, yet it’s God who determines our steps (Proverbs 16:9). Every year, about this time we evaluate our family, our jobs, the direction we’re going and try to discern to the best of our ability, “is this what God wants for us this year?”  As every working-mom does, I wonder, should I still be doing this? Is it time to quit? But then I think… if I were to quit my job, I would still want to disciple women. I would still want to write and teach Bible studies. I would be constantly getting that itch to encourage someone to go where I see God is calling them to go.  That’s a good thing and yet again, it’s nowhere near where I expected to be nine years ago when I raised my hand during “Haves and Needs” at church, saying I needed a job I could do from home.

As you look forward to 2011, may the dreams, visions and plans that are welling up within you cause you to purse the God who put them there. When you end up where you never thought you would be, may you be secure in the knowledge that He took you there and He has you in the palm of His loving and gracious hand.

9 thoughts on “Expecting the Unexpected

  1. I love what you shared, Suz. Such an encouragement. Love the picture of your precious baby, too – looks like he or she is sucking his thumb!! So cute! Congratulations again and I hope we can connect very soon.

  2. SUZIE….what great news!!! Happy Engagement Day and Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am excited about the path that God will be taking you down. Thank you for sharing your heart. I am so proud of you and all that Christ has accomplished through you. This new little one will be so blessed to be born into such an incredible family!
    Love always,

  3. Congratulations to all of the Lind family! Are you feeling well? Any morning sickness?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.


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