I’m currently reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. In chapter 2, she writes:

Thanksgiving – giving thanks in everything – prepares the way that God might show us His fullest salvation in Christ. The act of sacrificing thank offerings to God – even for the bread and cup of cost, for cancer and crucifixion – this prepares the way for God to show us His fullest salvation  from bitter, anger, resentful lives and from all sin that estranges us from Him. At the Eucharist, Christ breaks His heart to heal ours – Christ, the complete accomplishment of our salvation.  And the miracle of eucharisteo never ends: thanksgiving is what precedes the miracle of that salvation being fully worked out in our lives. thanksgiving – giving thanks in everything – what prepares the way for salvation’s whole restoration.  Our salvation in Christ is real, yet the completeness of that salvation is not fully realized in a life until the life realizes the need to give thanks. In everything?”

It’s Friday and when I look back on the week, the things that stand out are the heart breaks.  A friend receiving hard-to-swallow news about her son.  A piercing challenge to humility that a loved one is facing.  A woman trying to shepherd her son, much less her own self through the reality of a husband abandoning her for someone else.  A young girl on the brink of making life-changing decisions.  The story of the McRae family struggling to accept every parent’s worst nightmare.  Two friends dealing with the suicides of people near them.  A close friend coming to terms with another month that she is not pregnant.

It’s easy to give thanks in life for that which is going well.

It’s easy to be thankful for a job that provides, but what about when that job pushes every button at our core?

It’s natural to give thanks for family that loves, but what about when family disappoints?

I’m thankful when I succeed, but can I give thanks for my failures?

I’m thankful for the health of my husband and children but when illness or imperfection threatens, can I fully embrace it as a vehicle for God to show me






I’m thankful for the body of Christ, but I rarely give thanks when I encounter difficult people.

The heart of gratitude keeps the heart soft, pliable, and able to absorb that which Christ is pouring in.  The hard heart is unable to receive, unable to take in and unable to break off into pieces that can be offered to others.

Today, I want to receive everything with thanksgiving.

Every thought, every person, every conversation, every encounter, every challenge, every moment so I don’t miss any opportunity for my Salvation to restore me.

What will you give thanks for today?


One thought on “Gratitude

  1. Giving thanx for His relentless persistent pursuit of my heart and mind in all things.
    I will trust His grace is sufficient at just the right time. I cannot imagine going through the many horrendous situations I hear others are going through.
    He sees, He knows, He cares and He is able! He is Glorious!
    Thankful for you too sister!

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