Beauty for Ashes

Today is Ash Wednesday.

Over the past few years, I’ve come to appreciate the heart of Lent as a time to



reflect and


To the way of Christ.  It is a season of preparing our hearts for the crucifixion of Christ. So when we say, “He is Risen,” it  has a meaning that makes the soul ache and the heart leap all in the same breath.  A time to consciously remember where we’ve come from and where we are going because of Christ.

Many will choose to “give something up” for Lent and the purpose being that when you crave that very thing, be it coffee, sugar, Facebook, or wine, your craving would throw you into a physical understanding of your neediness for Jesus and the power and satisfaction He offers which is greater than anything created by man.  Other important elements of Lent include a greater focus on forgiveness, hospitality {inviting the stranger in} and the giving of alms to the poor.  Some do this in direct tangible ways and yet thanks to the world-wide web, we have access to raise awareness, give and participate with the billions of poor, oppressed and defenseless in the world.  A world, still in desperate need of a Savior.

This morning I began a study through the passion week (the week of Jesus’ death) and was reminded that even as Jesus walked this earth as a human, he faced things and endured things that only God could do.  Think of the toughest person you know. The one you would refer to as a “survivor.” The friend who has endured so much and come up on top of great trials or obstacle sin life.  Yet Jesus’ perseverance was beyond the toughest persons ability. We put a lot of weight on being strong and capable and yet today serves as a reminder of our mere mortality.

We are only human.

Easily hurt.


On Ash Wednesday, let us pray that our sin will be to death so we can live abundantly through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

“For you were made from dust and to dust you shall return.” ~ Genesis 3:19.

Over the next 40 days, may your love for Christ deepen and gratitude for His unconditional love for you bear fruit in your hearts and lives.

Will you observe Lent?Beauty for Ashes

How so?


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