Education Choices

The community we are part of includes families that have taken a variety of paths in educating their children.  I am often in awe of those who home school their children well and some times find myself day dreaming of the whimsical possibilities this may afford only to wake up to a what I would liken to a scratched record, knowing at this time, it is not my call.  There is no right or wrong method and I personally do not believe the Bible gives a mandate for any of the choices afforded to young families today. 

Every/each parent(s) must seek God for their child, every year, for direction and vision according to His purposes.

Our family has chosen public school and so far, we have not regretted it for one day. Contrary to what some may think, they do not teach birth control options in kindergarten nor are there kids toting guns to school (yet).  My kids have learned what they know about sex, including homosexuality thus far in our home and we have enjoyed dissecting the meanings and appropriate uses {or lack there of} for many swear words.  I’m thankful for the opportunities we have had for conversations that I normally would not even think about bringing up.

Because we have chosen public school, I often get asked questions by other moms regarding our choice, particularly when they are making theirs.   Again, each family has to pursue God’s wisdom, not man’s for what route they should take and I believe Jen Wilkinson agrees.  She has communicated in a blog post recently what I feel in my heart and it applies to all parents of school-aged children whether choice has been made to go public, private or home school.

You can read the post here.


One thought on “Education Choices

  1. This topic seems to be so touchy, I think because it goes to the heart of our parenting and families. I am thankful that you posted about it and the blog article is good to read, very honest. I think more than picking any of the 3 choices (home, private, public), it is important that moms and dads know why they are picking one, understand the pros and cons and then just go with it, filling in the gaps (which all 3 have) with their Godly family values. I think about this all the time and I like hearing all ideas about it. Thank you.

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