What I’ve Realized

It took four babies for me to realize a few things:

1.God makes babies really sleepy for the first few weeks giving time for moms to rest.  And yes, with three other kids it is possible with the help of friends and family.

2. There is something about a newborn in the house that slows the pace of life down.  This is to be embraced, not fought against.

3. It really does go fast.

4. Snuggle with them as much as possible because eventually they grow like this and you can’t hold them as tight to your chest.

5.  Everything else can wait.

6.  When you start to feel a little crazy and post partumish… it’s best to pray, call a friend or keep it to yourself.  Don’t let loose on your family.

7. Raising kids can be a little bit like mental gymnastics…so the simplicity of feeding, changing, rocking, burping and snuggling should be enjoyed as much as possible.

8. I really love having my kids home during  the summer.

9. God’s way of creating and sustaining life is evidence of His reality and is just one more reason why He is worthy to be praised.

10. This has been peace found in the least expected way.

What have you realized lately?

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Realized

  1. i once had a friend tell me that instead of always telling her kids “in 5 minutes” – she now answers “for 5 minutes.” It hit me this week that if I did that once a day for each of mine, I’m only giving up 20 minutes, and don’t they each deserve that??

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