The Day I Pull It Together

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Last week was a crazy week preparing for the Women’s Retreat for San Diego First Church of the Nazarene.  It was an amazing weekend where God showed Himself to be so big, so sovereign and so good.  I hope to write more about it this week.

But When I left the house on Friday, I left it a mess and came home to a bigger mess.  This is fine by me because I’m thankful my family releases me freely to do things like speaking at retreats, but the day after needs to be what I call the day I pull it together.

Today, I will clean, do laundry (and Lord willing, fold it and put it away), balance the budget, pay some bills and menu plan for the week.  There are so many other things I need to get done as well, but I’ve realized if I neglect these areas of my home for too long, then everyone feels frazzled.  Every one’s responsibilities (not just my own) seem more reasonable and less over whelming when there is order in our home.

Does it mean it’s perfect?  Absolutely not… but it makes us all feel better and focused.

What is it that you need to do to help your life flow better?

7 thoughts on “The Day I Pull It Together

  1. What don’t I need! I feel better when I have everything put together. However, that is usually the exception not the rule. What I need is to call upon the Holy Spirit to keep me from freaking out and letting anger and frustration flow from my heart and out of my mouth. I need a house full of post it notes telling me to just breath! And a little help would not hurt.

      • Do you know what? I printed your “I cannot do it all” picture and put it up where I could see it and my girls were offended. They told me it was the “wrong message” to give to them and asked me to take it down. I am still trying to figure out why they were so upset by my sign. Have I led them to believe I could do it all? That cannot possibly be the answer since I so do not do it all and if I do I do not do it all well. I will have to probe into their minds to really find out. Do you have any idea why they would be offended enough to have me take it down?

        • I think it’s probably a good idea to continuously probe their minds about this through out life. This is a message we women will struggle with because we’ve been given so many wonderful choices. Personally, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. It just turns bad when the expectations we put upon ourselves or receive from others suoercede God’s calling on our lives. For each of us, that calling is different in terms how we serve Him. While we probably CAN do “it all” we shouldn’t do it all. We all as humans have strengths and weaknesses and should trust God to help us grow where we are weak, be life long learners and yet not at the expense of our strengths. Andy Stanley said that we are often at fault for not fully exploiting our strengths in order to become marginally better at our weaknesses. This is a trap women fall into frequently. So… The girls are probably getting mixed messages, the same ones we all do, and it’s your calling (that God has equipped you for) to help them navigate through those messages while hammering out their faith and trust in God and His plan for them.

  2. I definitely feel better when I have the house all organized, but I don’t always get there. I’ve been learning that if I can be as willing to extend grace to myself as I am to extend it to others, it all flows so much better and I’m less frazzled.

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