Rain. Rain outs. Rain delays. A reminder of how little control we have.

It can ruin the best laid plans for a day or it can bring a reason to find shelter to stay in its warm embrace.

You can either feel defeated by it or relieved for it.

You can be drenched by it or learn to dance in it.

It can lull you to sleep or awaken you.

Perhaps today, you woke up refreshed from that extra hour of sleep. The day is like a canvas waiting to be painted.

Where ever you are in your inner being, if you are in the South Bay, my church is leaving its building and bringing Church to the city. If you don’t belong to a church or if its been a long time since you’ve been, then come.

Don’t let a little rain stop you from becoming refreshed by a message of hope, a warm cup of coffee, the strum of a guitar and some people who will be glad to be with you. It’s not going to be weird. No one wants your money. I promise, you’ll be glad you came.

Come to a park, come to a school, come to a restaurant on the strand. Our family will be at Calle Mayor, El Retiro Park and Bluewater Grill.

Take your pick. Visit http://cominghomesouthbay.com to find the location nearest you.

Hope to see you there.

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