Giving Thanks

Giving thanks.

In the midst of trials, joy, suffering, wealth, no matter what… Give thanks. In everything…we are exhorted give thanks.

To give thanks requires movement on our part as opposed to the state of just being thankful. It’s an exercise to give thanks to bring health to your soul much like the exercise you don’t always feel like doing that brings health to your body. It’s often an obedience that precedes understanding.

Could it be the command is given despite the circumstances to fertilize the soil of our hearts?

Despite the rain or sun, well tended soil will spring forth life. Lush and green, bearing much fruit. Giving thanks acknowledges the miracle of Grace, the joy set before us, the hope on the other side of what may be in front of us.

On the night before He was betrayed, Jesus broke bread and gave thanks. Thanks for a body that would be broken and blood that would usher in a new covenant. Thanksgiving that preceded a miracle. Thanksgiving which anticipated hope on the other side of despair.

“Do this in remembrance of me.”

Giving thanks in the face of fear produces courage.

Giving thanks in the unknown produces trust.

Giving thanks on the course of suffering increases faith.

And yet in times of plenty we often forget to give thanks… Here where we live, in the land of plenty, we have much to give thanks for and many thanks to give away.

There is much to give thanks for in this household. Good health, resorted health, the hope of healing, a plan for the future {whether we know it or not}, marriage that can tolerate and flourish under fire, provision beyond expectation, a home, cars that run, family that surrounds, friends who are like family and God who makes His presence known through these things.

My heart is full and humbled with gratitude.

What do you give thanks for today?

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