Adventish – the Fourth Candle

Adventish this week took an interesting turn when Steve and the big boys left for a last-minute visit to Arizona.  Nathan and I spent Sunday night lighting the fourth candle of LOVE.

While most of the people I love were away, I was left alone with my God and His biggest reminder of late of just how much He loves me.  I think back to a year ago today and how anxious we were about a fourth baby.  Yet this little man who has been nicknamed “The Bonus” has become a gift like no other. 

In a year full of worrisome thoughts swirling around provision for our family, care for my parents, and solid employment, God has shown His love in the most creative and unexpected ways.  Never did I imagine we would be in this place, but I am learning to be still and to look around for indications of His love which leads to His peace which brings me joy and is the anchor for my hope.

God so loved the world that He brought Jesus into this world to show us in flesh and blood how much He loves us.  Jesus loved us so much He surrendered Himself to humiliation and bore our sin and shame so we would begin to know the depth of His love.

I’ll never fully understand the scope or depth of God’s love for us, but each day we are given an opportunity to receive it, be enveloped in it and give it away to others.

This week as we shop, wrap, give, bake, prep, rejoice and love, let us remember the Love that entered into the world that cold and quiet night in Bethlehem.

May your days be merry and bright from revelation of His love for you.

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