It Only Takes One

The days following a big event, a weekend of preaching, a conference of speaking, a worship set of leading… it’s not exclusive to one person or vein of service to God… there is a let down.

The let down comes in rejoicing but it also comes with a slew of “What if’s,”  “I should haves,”  or “I could haves…” 

Doubts.  Concerns.  Too much or not enough.

Last weekend at our women’s retreat, I had the honor of seeing God move in only the ways He can.  Setting captives free. Releasing women from shame and condemnation.  It is the stuff the Scriptures are made of. Women falling into puddles of tears and other women scooping them up to cover them in love and prayer.  There were women who carried their friend to Jesus like those four guys who brought their friend through the roof because they knew Jesus could save him.

Yet there were those things I had in mind that did not come to pass… my plans.  Not necessarily His.

Yesterday as the thoughts entered into my mind, I went to battle with this…

One person put their trust in Jesus.

One person got baptized.

At least one was set free.

This is not to boast but to give glory God because it only takes one.  If all our labor is for just one… the Bible is clear, “there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” {Luke 15:7}

Heaven rejoices.

If you are a pastor, leader, worshiper, intercessor, usher, greeter, steward, tech director, Sunday school teacher and you experience the let down… trust in Jesus that it is He who is at work in the seen and the unseen.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

It’s more about Him than it is about us.

And it only takes One to make us feel it’s worth it.

Do you experience the Monday let down?

If so, how do you battle it?

4 thoughts on “It Only Takes One

  1. Oh yes, we have those days here, affectionately referred to as “Moody Mondays.” I have not found any way around them, but find comfort in the fact that as we feel at our lowest, God is keeping our hearts humbled and focused on the fact that when we are at our weakest, He is strong. Praying for you as you recover!

  2. Oh yes, I’m very familiar with the day-after-the-event letdown you describe.(only for me it’s not limited to just Mondays!) Whether the event turned out great, awful, or somewhere in between, I still have to face down those “groaner” moments over things I wish had/or hadn’t happened a certain way. And usually some of each!

    It’s never comfortable, but I guess it’s just part of being human…and learning thru trial and error how to do this on-the-job training thing called “ministry.” 😀

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