Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Authenticity

The Women’s Ministry in which I serve at King’s Harbor Church has become a refreshing place of authenticity for many women, including myself.  Because of God and how He is stirring among us, we are increasingly leaving off our “church faces” and drive for perfection and becoming more and more okay with who we are, recognizing where we’ve been and trusting God to not leave us stagnant.  As God peels back the layers, it’s crucial for women to partner with Him in creating a culture where we can allow Him to do the deep work in and through us.

In the time I’ve been leading the women at King’s Harbor Church, there have been so many lessons learned from those I serve alongside.  I’m so thankful to be guest posting the thoughts produced from these lessons on Lifeway’s Women Reaching Women Blog today.

Would you stop by and read more about Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Authenticity by clicking here?  Please consider sharing some of your thoughts as well in the comments about what you have learned about authenticity.

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