5 Conversations: Pleasing God

This is the fifth and final week of our study, 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son.  Here is where we converse about the daily study.  Contribute to the conversation by leaving your thoughts in the comment field.  Answer one question or answer all… feel free.  Make sure you check the box for “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” so the conversation isn’t just one-way and you can also respond to comments.   If you have insight into parenting boys but aren’t necessarily doing the study with us, you are also free to join the conversation!

I can hardly believe how fast these five weeks have gone.  Part of me really wishes the study was longer because many of the insights I’ve gleaned from Vicki Courtney as well as from all of you who have commented and shared your thoughts and wisdom on and off-line have been priceless.  This is definitely a study I will return to from time to time to bolster my courage as these 4 boys grow into men.

Of every value and moral code we hope to instill in our sons, the most important thing is undeniably the hope and prayer we have for them to please God.  Our family sat all together in church this last Sunday and as we were worshiping, I was overwhelmed by the desire that each of my sons would love Jesus and follow Him all the days of their lives.  By the end of the morning, I had peace.  Not that everything would turn out perfectly according to my plans, but according to His plans and I must trust God for the outcome.  Peace for a fleeting moment in the life of a mom is worth something and I will take it!

The message in this fifth and final week that rang loudly in my ears was humility.  Without humility, our boys will not be able to hear from God, put others first and make decisions with a heart submitted and yielded towards God.

Isaiah 66:2:

“All these things my hand has made,
    and so all these things came to be,
declares the Lord.
But this is the one to whom I will look:
    he who is humble and contrite in spirit
    and trembles at my word.”

Humility and a contrite spirit is the only way we can actually become people who tremble at His word.

Teaching our boys humility and pleasing God comes largely from our own example of how we approach God.  Humility requires me to give up control and submit to the truth that God’s ways are better than my own. It calls us to daily put down our own desire and put God first. It’s considering Jesus and giving Him the first fruits of our lives, trusting Him for the abundance.

As the author pointed to I Corinthians 3:4-11, it’s up to us to plant and water and trust God for the outcome of growth.  A good friend of mine reminds me from time to time that you cannot thwart God’s plans for your children.  If we believe what we say when we whisper in their ears, “God has a plan for your life, a plan to prosper you, not to harm you but to give you hope,” then we must trust Him for that plan to come to fruition as they walk out their days here on earth.

I appreciated the author pointing out one of  the characteristics of chivalry early on to include courage.  We moms need courage to show our boys the way of Jesus, pointing out His presence in their lives and teaching them how to recognize His voice. If we believe the Spirit of God dwells in them, we need courage to trust Him to lead them in the everlasting way.

In eleven years short years of mothering boys, I’ve learned courage is something I need to ask for daily.  Courage mingled with humility knowing I’m planting and watering but it’s God who will make them grow.

Raising these little men is not just my story, or their story… it is the story of God.

How do you practice the discipline of yielding to God, giving Him full control of your life?

In the five weeks of the study, where have you learned you need courage the most?

How can we pray for you?

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