Random Thoughts on a Day Like This

On my mind on a day like today:

The remaining palm branches used to wave “Hosanna.” Were they left on the ground to dry up only to be used as switches to get in on the beating, the humiliating?

Many people wanted in on the action to put Him to death. Yet here we are, thousands of years later… longing to be in death with Him to really be alive in Him.

Today is Thursday. Maundy Thursday. Passover meals are being prepared and tables are being set for Seder.

All those who came to that table…


A Traitor

A Betrayer

A Fearful Man who couldn’t stand up for what was true

The Disciple Who was Loved

A Skeptic

Which one most closely resembles me?

All of them in one way or another, I think.

The table reminds me of how fully loved and fully welcomed I am. Do this in remembrance of Me.

He prepared the meal, broke the bread and poured out the wine so all would know… it’s not about where we’ve been but where we are going.

With Him.

I wonder about…

The ache of a mother, knowing her own soul would be pierced. Slowly… as the hours began to unravel towards Calvary.

The ache of a mother, comforted by the Love of the Father… balming her pain with grace and salvation.

The despair of a woman who had finally been shown love. Acceptance. Mercy. Peace. Dignity. Her confusion and fear when she discovered the stone was moved.

She was moved yet still unsure of where to find her footing.


She saw Him in the garden. The flood of emotion that brought her to her knees, clinging on to what she saw, only to be to told to let go… run… go tell the others.

Fear and trepidation mingled with peace and joy.

The unknown, the uncharted the unforgiven had been forgiven.

The pit in the stomach of a guilty man who was told to step off the platform because another would die in his place.

The first person to be keenly aware of death that brings life… before it even happened.

Did he feel guilty? Did he feel shameful? Or did he have a sense of peace that could not be explained?

The steward in the temple who saw the curtain dropping to the ground. Was he the first to step into the Holy of Holies? Did he tip toe in? Or did he run? Was he worried about getting caught or was caution thrown to the wind of freedom?


So much to take in. No matter how many times I read it, hear it, preach it, write it… it feels new.

It is real.

It is true.

It is amazing. Amazing grace.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Day Like This

    • Yes, it occurs to me that much like the palm branches, we may sometimes praise Him for something on one day, and by the end of the week be near to taking His name in vain over the same event, as our perspective (or the situation) goes south. Sobering thought.

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