When Grace is All You Have

The sacred echo of late has resounded in the quiet moments, the not-so-quiet moments, in the stories and words coming alive in the text and in conversations between she and I, he and I, us and them.

When the only word to describe is overwhelmed.

We live through many hardships and trials.  Some are results of situations beyond our control and others are simply the fall out from our own sin.

A husband leaving.  Sudden illness. The son who has gone his own way.  Bank accounts dipping below zero. The home slipping through our fingers.  The job that is no longer. A friend who has turned her back on you.  When we are gripped with fear or we sense God is not ready to move us from this place.  Or we can’t seem to muster up the faith to take the one step out ourselves.

His grace is sufficient.

It’s more than enough.

We can gaze upon the cross of Christ and see it all there.  All our failures. All our deficiencies.  In all our not-good-enoughs, He is enough.

It’s more than we deserve.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

In everything.

When the plate is full or when we can barely scrape up something to see there, Grace is enough.  When you can’t think of the hows or can’t shut down the what-ifs, Grace is sufficient.

What do you need Grace for this week?

May the power of Christ rest upon you.

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