When You Need a Moment to Ask Yourself

On Sunday night our Women’s Leadership Team came over for dinner and a meeting.  I can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt during these meetings because although it’s considered “work,” I love these women and would have them around my dinner table any chance I get…whether we serve alongside one another or not.

Before the meeting, I thought about each one and where they are in their lives and wondered if I had it right.  So I asked them to write down on a card the answer to the following questions with one to three word answers:

1. What is currently occupying most of your brain space?
2. How are you doing?
3. Who are you becoming?

It was hard for all of them at some level or another because first, we often don’t take time to ask ourselves these questions and admittedly, there are times when we don’t like the answers.

Here are my answers:

1. Are my kids okay? {Explanation: All the boys are in various stages of “growth spurt,” if you will.  I’m wondering, are we shepherding them through said spurts well}

2. Good and Tired.  {I’ve surrendered to the Tired 30s and the ebb and flow of sleep that comes with a baby}

3. More confident in Jesus in me.  {Explanation: I’m becoming more humbled by own short comings.  The scripture “apart from me, you can do nothing,” is becoming louder and clearer}

Your turn…

2 thoughts on “When You Need a Moment to Ask Yourself

  1. I have to say I am always thinking of my boys . They all are going through different things and I often wonder if I am teaching them how to be good godly men . I am doing right by them and god !!!

    I dont want to worry anymore !!! I am tired of thinking about what is going to happen in the days to come . With Ruben not working and living in a one bedroom basement I am tired ..

    I am learning to just leave it in gods hands . I am learning that God will take care of us and he will provide like he has been .. Leaving it in his hands !!!

  2. Okay, I’ll take a turn…

    1. Will I be able to fulfill my calling? [I passionately want to be about my Father’s business…yet lately health issues & other difficulties have made forward progress challenging]

    2. Refreshed and ready to roll. [I’ve had a rough really couple months, but God has been faithful to restore strength, encouragement, & order to my world.]

    3. More of the person Jesus died to make me. And less of the old person He died to free me of. Hallelujah. [It’s happening gradually, bit by bit, and often painfully, but oh thank you Jesus…it’s happening!]

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