Anywhere But Here

Source: via Sharon on Pinterest

 I quickly scan my Facebook feed and see one friend going to Ireland, one to France, another in Santa Barbara and one to Hawaii…

Admittedly, jealousy and envy rise up within me and I start to whine thinking and sometimes saying out loud:

“I want to go!”

Truth is, today is a day I really would rather be anywhere but here.

Any where but having to rush out to take the boys to school in time. Anywhere but having to sit at the hospital while my mom is in surgery and trying to talk down my dad and grandma as they fret away.  I too will fret but I know where my comfort will come from.  I know my God, the God of my Mom will not leave her nor forsake her and He certainly isn’t going to bail on me either.

I realize, I need to sink into it and just be.

Right here, right now is where God has me and you.  How much more time is spent wishing we were somewhere else when this is the Holy ground we are to walk on today?  If it’s not embraced, it will be missed it because not one day is without purpose, not one day is without His glory, not one day is to be taken for granted.

Perhaps the writer who said “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere” had this very thing in mind.

There is something divine, something Holy, something better to be found in this day.  I can either shrink back and complain like one who has been destroyed or I can choose to live by faith that this day has been planned and prepared before the foundations of the earth for me, for my mom, for you, for your loved ones and all that have breath in it.

Being faithful today requires me to look for the dirt, the stinky fertilizer, the water and the pruning shears so I will choose to bloom where I’m planted.

Won’t you join me?

16 thoughts on “Anywhere But Here

  1. “How much more time is spent wishing we were somewhere else when this is the Holy ground we are to walk on today?

    Absolutely! What a good word. When I am fighting against the reality in which I live, I am frustrated and discontent, and all my fighting does nothing to change things. When I live in the now, I can appreciate God’s miracles in each miracle and each encounter, and the circumstances seem less important in the larger scheme of things.

    Praying for you and your family today.

  2. I know what you mean I almost always want to be some where else . I felt like this yesterday when we went to visit my sister in laws new home . As I was walking through her home I kept thinking I want a home I dont want to go back to our one bedroom basement . When we got home I was sitting here thinking I so want to be somewhere else but I know god has a plan and I have faith that it will be the best for us . Thanks Suzie for those words I so needed to hear them this morning .
    God bless ,
    Linda Rivas

  3. Suzie,

    Thanks for the encouraging post and the reminder to “bloom” where we’re planted TODAY. As you say, so often we want to squirm around and wrestle our way into “anywhere but here” when “here” is exactly where we need to be. (even if Ireland or Paris or Hawaii sound a whole lot funner at the moment!)

    Praying for your Mom and your family…and you…that THIS moment will bring what is most needful.

  4. I know what you’re going thru. My heart and my prayers are with you today as you rest in Him. Praying also for your mom.

  5. I had that same thought today. “I’d rather be anywhere but here.” Then again… I would not want to be where you are right now. What you are having to deal with today is incredibly hard. My heart is so heavy for you and your family’s situation. I love your articulated faith! Your strength is inspirational for so many. Praying!

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