Three {31 Days of Wisdom}

Perhaps it’s my age, or simply the fact so many people around me are going through some pretty radical and difficult things. I include myself among those around me. The past seven days have been full of angst, fear, answered prayers, hope for the future and concern about the days ahead… all at the same time.

There are those passages you hear from the time you knew there was a Bible. They are the ones you have memorized because of the promises they hold, and they are also the ones that over time become clearer and cause you to stand back in awe of what He says.

For instance:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

It seems the sacred echo of late has been to not rely solely on my feelings about what is happening now, what has already happened and what is to come. In the narrative of God, there is always more to the story. I often become confused and think this is my story, and it is in some ways, but I am not the Author of my story.

He is.

The Storyteller has written every word and prepared His storyboards. Their illustrations are full of color, detail and sometimes it feels as though He has colored outside the lines.

The Scriptures are full of wisdom, not just in the pages of Proverbs. I am struck by how often their words heed warnings, encouragement, give instructions and offer hope for when we go through difficulties. When we are afraid. When we are unsure. When we think all hope is lost. When things are not what we expected. When we are waiting.

When, not if.

The days are short but He promises to lengthen them {v.2} If we rely on the understanding of the characters within the story instead of the Storyteller, we miss the opportunity to receive His knowledge {2:6}.

Wisdom’s ways are pleasant and her paths are peace {v. 17}. The most curvy and windy road that has potential to make your stomach turn and heart drop can be straightened {v.5} if given over to Him.

The LORD has gone before you this day, His pen has written the story, His ways are pleasant and He offers peace…may you walk in the peace and pleasure of the One who knows your path.

Trust Him.

Which promises or scriptures have become more sacred to you over time?

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One thought on “Three {31 Days of Wisdom}

  1. By engaging in the opportunity to bear my personal cross, I reap the joy set before me by the One who knitted me together in my mother’s womb…the One who loved me into existence, the One I call Jesus~ my Savior and Lord. In this, radical faith is mine and He who is my Divine enlightens and soothes my soul. #Hebrews12:2 #Psalm139:13

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